Job openings

Multiple IT Positions with Acetech Group Corporation located in Columbia, Maryland:

Involving: Programming, software development designing, developing, maintaining & modifying computer software & computer systems
The following 5 position titles range from level I-III.
Software Developer, Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer, Data Engineer, and Test Engineer.

Level I: BS in CS or rel. analytical or quantitative fld.

Level II: BS in CS or rel. quant. or analytical fld & 2 yrs exp. in offered pos. or related exp. pos.

Level III: MS in CS or rel. analytical or quant. fld OR a BS in CS or rel. analytical or quant. fld & 5 yrs exp. in offrd pos. or related exp.

Acceptable. fields of study: CS, CIS, Comp. App, Engg, (including EE, Software, Communications, Comp., Civil, Mech., & Indust. Engg, Bus. Admin, Acct., Finance, Management, Math, Physics, Commerce, Statistics, Tech, Wireless Comm, Telecomm. & Info. Systems.
**All positions require unanticipated nationwide travel/relocation to various client/project sites. Reply w/ resume to Acetech Group Corporation at: